Antifascism – our January to May 2023 series

For the first half of 2023, we will host a series looking at fascism and antifascism, both historically and in the present. You do not need to attend all the sessions in the series to come to or get something out of this session, though of course we recommend coming along to as many as you can!

Each of the events has it’s own page on the website, where you can find full informaiton, free sample chapters and audiovisual materials, and links to buy discounted copies of the books.

Our events are free to attend, though we will collect donations to cover the costs of venue hire on a donate-what-you-can-afford basis. We try to ensure the discussions are welcoming to new people, including people who have never been to a reading group before – and you don’t have to have been to university (contact us if there is something we can do to help welcome you). You don’t even have to have read any of the book – you can just come along and listen to the discussion (we of course encourage people to read/listen to as much as they can ahead of the session, but what’s important is learning together). And if you can’t get there for 7.30pm, don’t worry – turn up when you can and join in.

Please bear in mind that these books include, as a necessary part of their content, quotations of or descriptions of vile antisemitism and other racism, bigotry and violence.

All the sessions are held on Wednesdays, once a month, from 7.30-9.30pm – full dates below. We will discuss:

* January 25th: “We Fight Fascists: The 43 Group and Their Forgotten Battle for Post-war Britain”, by Daniel Sonabend

* February 22nd: “No Pasaran! Antifascist dispatches from a World in crisis”, edited by Shane Burley

* March 29th: “Fractured: Race, Class, Gender and the Hatred of Identity Politics” by Michael Richmond and Alex Charnley

* April 26th: “Post-Internet Far-Right” and “The Rise of Ecofascism“, both by Sam Moore and Alex Roberts

* May 31st: “White Skin, Black Fuel: On the Danger of Fossil Fascism”, by Andreas Malm and The Zetkin Collective

About the venue, illness, and accessibility

The Exchange has step-free access. We will keep windows open for ventilation, hand sanitiser is provided, and we ask people who are ill to stay away (whether they are ill with covid or something else). Attendees do not generally wear masks but we will be respectful to anyone who chooses to and other members may wear masks at request of other attendees – let us know your preferences in advance. Please contact us if you have any accessibility requirements, or other questions about how the events work.


Help us publicise the event by downloading a poster, printing it out and sticking it up somewhere!

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